Photos from our Grand Opening!

June 4, 2016, What a day. We honored many of our veterans our oldest was 96 years old and not far behind him a youngster at 92 years old. We presented flags to 3 eras of Veterans that day, WWII , Vietnam, and Afghanistan. Our young honoree said that he wasn’t excepting this flag for himself, but for his friends who didn’t make it back. A daughter who wanted to honor her father who served under General Patton, was very emotional. Then we had a mother who was presented to her, by her son his mission flag , and the mother honored our non profit with the care of the flag which flies over our heads today. There are so many to thank and pay tribute we will be posting more each day. Please check back soon as we have pages of donors of our community who made this possible. God Bless and Hug a Vet.12 13 P125041896785P1250405

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